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About Gaber Inc.

The most gratifying form of success is helping others reach their full potential. Here at Gaber Inc., we strive to help youth develop and refine their purpose, mission and vision in life while fostering a community of caring that enhances one another through our multi-media content and services that we provide. The end goal is to have each member of our community strive to be the best possible version of themselves, and for them to chase that iteration every single day. We hope you join us. Let’s reach our full potential. Together.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Gaber Inc. is to help school-aged youth manufacture and refine their purpose, mission and vision through the services we provide. As Jay-Z conveyed in his 2011 collaboration with Kanye West, ‘New Day’ - an intended letter to their yet-to-be-born children: - “[it] took me 26 years for me to find my path. My only job is to cut yours in half.”

As our community of those who are willing to challenge societal norms grows, our goal is to raise a generation that lives a version of their reality that is better than their dreams so that they don’t seek to escape it periodically through vacations and living for the weekend. And the hope is that through our work with our clients, upcoming generations will be embedded in a lifestyle where they’re just as, if not more excited, about Monday morning as they are about Friday night (#MondayIsTheNewFriday).

A secondary mission at the company is to provide each client with the skill set and self-confidence required to be their own role model. Much of Gabe’s psychological makeup was shaped by the personality of Kobe Bryant, basketball legend and Oscar winner, having grown up without the emotional support of his Biological Father. What Gabe came to realize was while there was beauty in being able to create his own personality without a mold he subconsciously fell into, there were certain limitations that he was able to achieve and learn on his own. Having fought through his formative years largely on his own, the creation of Gaber Inc. is a passion project to ensure no young person has to go through the same struggle without guidance.

Meet the Man

Gabe is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, writer and community builder. Having immigrated from Quarry Bay, Hong Kong to Canada at the age of seven, he encountered a variety of challenges due to linguistic, familial and cultural barriers. His mission is to convert the pain derived from those experiences into helping as many lives as possible through the services that Gaber Inc. provides.

He is a graduate of Vancouver College university-preparatory school. The next chapter of his academic career came at Ryerson University’s esteemed Journalism program. Gabe is currently enrolled in Trinity Western University’s Leadership program.