The concept that society grows greater through collaboration


"#WeGotUs” refers to to the concept that society grows greater through collaboration. Rarely is success the byproduct of a singular action of one person, but rather it is the a highlight of a chain of events that were made possible by the support of others. Our primary mission at Gaber Inc. is to celebrate how we can enhance each other’s greatness in order to inspire the best possible version of each other.

Our founder has and will continue to be involved in Basketball for the majority of his life. Hence, the term “I got you,” was very prevalent in his life, due to its prevalence within the subculture of the sport. Gabe found it ironic that the term would most often come after one of his teammates would convert a basket, as “I got you” is an extremely individualistic term within an activity that is predicated on teamwork. A score by a player is only possible after the defensive team successfully secures the Ball back from the offensive team as a unit, coupled with the execution of an offensive set. “I got you” undermines the effort put forth by the communal effort of the team, and glorifies individualism. Therefore, the term "#WeGotUs” seeks to signify a higher value in the overall process, and not just the end result.

We believe that society will benefit immensely if the mindset of "#WeGotUs” is conditioned into future generations, gradually phasing out the archaic mindset of “I got you.”

“Society grows great when [people] plant trees whose shade they [may] never sit in.”
-Ancient Greek Proverb